Solid.byloft error

Hello All,

I’m trying to create some solids by lofting some cross sections, but unfortunately I get an error:
‘Warning: Solid.ByLoft operation failed. Unable to loft! : NOT_ALL_SECTIONS_MEET – Some but not all sections meet.’

When I isolate all the cross sections one by one going up to 14 I get no error, so it seems to me the geometry is right.

Anybody has a clue what’s going on?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jeroen.infranea

Drop the relevant files here.

I don’t know if this is the solution, but have you tried putting a transpose node between the “List.Create” and the “Solid.ByLoft” Nodes? As far as I understand, you will then get 14 solids from the current selection, which you can then (maybe) join to a single solid

Hi @Kulkul

Here you go:

Tunnelgeometrie 4.dyn (7.2 KB)
Oplevering-Koningstunnel rechterbuis dak 1.dwg (538.3 KB)

I use the dwg to get the geometry.

Thanks in advance,