Floor Geometry Fails to Import & Loft Fails

I’m having two issues with a Dynamo definition I’m writing. I’m tryiing to take all the foundations in the project, and create a sloped mass underneath them to represent the bearing area of of the soil. The mass would be about 10 feet deep with a slope of 1:1.5 away outward from the footing. This would allow us to run clash detection with these zones. You can see it in this image:

I have a floor that Dynamo refuses to import the geometry for. I’m just taking a floor, and using hte Elmenent.Faces node. The error message says "Element.get_Faces operation failed. trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch the surface. I"m not sure what that means.

I suspect that it’s not taking because the floor has an opening in it. The floor itself is sort of donut shaped. I’ve been trying to get to the geometry from the API using a python node, but I haven’t been very sucessful yet. Is there a way to get the geometry inserted?

The second issue is that I have another floor, techically structrual foundation floor, that doesn’t want to loft. I created the curves and offset them from eachother, but it woun’t loft. I’m using the Solid.ByLoft node, which says “Unable to loft!: API_FAILED – Operation uncesseful”. It’s not a very descriptive warning. I tried makign sure both curves are polycurves, using other methods of lofting (by surface for exaple) and simplifying the curves (which always failes). I’ve checked and the curves are closed.

I’m thinking that it’s having difficulty lofting because the number of curves in the offset polycurve are different from that of the original polycurve. Is there a way to remove the lines with the smallest length? I’m not finding an easy way to remove extra lines for a lot of polycurves at the same time.

Any ideas?

Here is an image of the second floor that doesn’t want to loft:

This is the floor that I can’t get the faces from:

@dennis.eldridge Would help if you provide files with the floor geometry

Not sure but, the problem could be that your curves are on the same plane while Solid.ByLoft would require a list of closed profiles that are not on the same plane.

You can’t tell from the plan view, but I did move the lines vertically so they aren’t in the same plane. I also ran a check to make sure they’re closed, which they are. The current script works for most objects, it’s just these two floors that I’m having issues with.

Here is the script:

I was able to use a python script with the same functionality as the Element.Faces node, but with try / except clauses for each face. This allows me to get the faces for the geomtry that does work, while ingoring geometry that isn’t converting. I’m still not sure why those faces are not working; however, they aren’t the faces I want anyway.

I’m still having issues with the floor that doesn’t want to loft. I’m not really sure how to get around this one though.