Solar analysis solver for multiple variables in building skin

I am trying to get something setup to solve for the best options to shade a couple building facades based on solar radiation, sun hours and illuminance. In the end I believe I will be using optimo but I am learning each part I need as I go. So my first goal is to just be able to run a loop where I can change a parameter on an element then run a solar analysis have it display in revit and then capture an image (also some data next) and then repeat for a specified number of changes. I have been using SolarAnalysis.Analyze to get data and ByViewFacePointsAndValues to display in revit then trying to combine that with Dynanimate Numeric Parameter but can’t seem to get the solar analysis to be part of the loop. Below are two images showing an example where I am iterating a screen rotation and analyzing the surface behind it. Can anyone help me put this together or am I going down the wrong track? Or is there something already out there for this? Thanks for the help and advice in advance.


You’ll need to decrease the spacing between the calculation points for the analytical color scheme to convey anything visually.

Might be able to provide better/specific suggestions if you could upload sample files.

Thanks Vikram, I did do some passess with higher coverage but when I compared to a single run with the same parameters for the shade I got something different. See the attached files below. For some reason I cant get this to run and save images anymore. I don’t think I changed anything either. Dynamo version 1.0


Images at parameter changes


Dynanimate Numeric Parameter And Solar


Hello everyone,
I am facing a problem in using solar analyst node in Dynamo. When I am applying the node on some surfaces (not all surfaces), the number of cumulative radiation points do not match the number of calculation points. For instance, as you can see in the screenshot, while there are 800 radiation points, there are only 420 calculation points.
I was wondering if anyone faced this issue or has a solution for it.