How does Solar Analysis for Dynamo work?


Would anyone be able to give some detail of how the Solar Analysis for Dynamo Package works? I’m able to use the nodes to carry out the functions, but for research purposes I would really like to understand how the values produced by the SolarAnalysis.Analyze are determined?

Any help would be appreciated.


did you see this?


Yes I have, it is my understanding that it has since been updated, it certainly still seems to work for me. I’ve reviewed the package data though dynamo but this doesn’t answer my query about how it all works.

Most package developers work with Github.
Maybe you can find recent info there

I believe that is a closed repo, though I could be wrong. Check out the Ladybug package - it’s open sourced and quite accessible.

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This has been created by the Dynamo team. @Zach_Kron or @Racel_Williams might be able to give you some more info