Dynamo Solar Analysis Cumulative Insolation Results are not work good for Dynamo surface

Hi all, for my master thesis I’m trying to redesign existing buildings’ roofs with GD. I wanna find the best result for solar radiation. When I select faces from Revit SolarAnalysis.Analyze node works pretty well, but for GD I need to do roof surface in Dynamo so I put surfaces to analyze which I created in Dynamo, not Revit. But this node gives me really low cumulative numbers which it can’t be. Would you have any idea why I’m taking these results? Is there any option to fix it? Thanks

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Can you post some screenshots :wink: And some "try"s as .dyn



Thank you for the quick response, I added jpeg files and my Dynamo script, it might be not a so clean file, sorry for that. I use the same nodes in two ways, but couldn’t understand the problem.

Heybeliada_CaseStudy_Building1_05072022.dyn (412.5 KB)
05072022-SolarAnalysis_current.dyn (919.6 KB)

Hi @burcuolcer12 ,

You are using Math.Average not Math.Sum, just to be sure here.
Also, could you share your input/ wanted results?

I figured out my problem. It was about the surface’s normal direction. It was calculating the bottom of the surface so it was giving really low results for solar analysis. I fixed it with Surface.FlipNormalDirection node.