Solar Analysis Dynamo (Number of Calculation Points not matching)


Recently I have been working on a project that need solar radiation on a surface depending on the location and the other components that could produce shadows on it.

In order to do that I used the Insight Plug-In to get results on the year.

Though, now I would like to be able to get the hourly values on the year for each calculation point on my surface.
After some research I found that I could use the Solar Analysis node from Dynamo with a loop, but here comes the problem.

When I use simple surfaces, there doesn’t seem to be a problem I have my list of points that have the same length as my value list.

But when I started to select faces from a real project, depending of the number of shading surfaces I had, I would get more values than the number of my points : for 2 shading surfaces I would get 2 times the more values than my calculation points I had in input.

My question is why does this happen, and if anyone already encountered that problem what solution did he chose to get rid of this problem?

If anyone already encountered this problem I’m really interested.

Thank you in advance.