Snap adaptive components to 3D dwg

Hello Everyone!

I have a challenge going in our office.

We have recieved files that are 3D dwgs. The challenge is to place adaptive panels on these and schedule them. Most of the panels are either 3 or 4 pointers. This is easy enough and we have made a dynamo script the will schedule the panels and create small flattened plan views of each panel. This was done for manufacturing purposes.

the next challenge is the time it takes to manually place these adaptive components on each 3D dwg. Is there a way to have Dynamo place the following?

  1. reference points on the corners of these 3D dwgs?
  2. is there a way that Dynamo could place 3 or 4 point adaptive components on the corners of the shapes automatically?

I have attached an image. On the image there is already a Reference point and a 3 point adaptive component placed.

We are not the creators of the 3D dwgs. This is a export of the 3D shape (which was an imported dwg), from Revit to dwg to Revit conceptual massing, back into a Revit project and then creating an In-Place-Mass. Only then could I snap reference points and adaptive panels to it.

Any help will be much appreciated!! thanks