Reorder points to place multiple adaptive components

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to place multiple 4 points adaptive components in order to create the cladding facade of a building.
It is a simple pattern of rectangular panels with difference size, but there are a looot of them. I have the facade pattern in dwg, so i converted the dwg layer into curves and then I found the intersection points of the curves and eliminated the duplicates points.
Now it becomes tricky. I chopped the list of points to obtain lists of four point so I could place the adaptive elements, but these lists of 4 points are not in the correct order to create the panels (the number in the list associated to each point is random and not sequential) .
I tried to reordered the points so they are sequential from left to right of the facade. The problem is that, even if the points are counted in the (almost) right sequence, when I feed the list of points in the list.chop node to create list of four points, these lists are formed by random points that do not form a rectangle so the adaptive components are not placed correctly.
I tried searching similar thread on the forum, but I can’t find a solution suitable for my case.
My dynamo skills are pretty basic and probably I’m getting the wrong approach, but I hope someone can help me, thanks!

Hi @samuele.fuda ,

Could you please share your script and dwg-file? I have some ideas in mind but it’s kinda hard to test them out without having your dwg/ having to duplicate your curves and points from scratch.

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Sure! Here they are, thanks!

Prospetto Sud.dwg (450.4 KB)
NodiPannelli_2.dyn (74.0 KB)

Amico mio, @samuele.fuda come stai? Amigo you owe me a beer, I thought they were individual elements and I was going to propose a different approach for your script, but it turns out that you have already done the hard part and it’s just a matter of doing a query, you already have closed polygons made of polylines, you just have to ask for the curves of the polyline and then the starting points of each curve.
First aproach.

Easy aproach.

I hope it is what you need!

First of all, thanks for the work and time you spent to try to solve this.
I think I understood what you mean, but I don’t understand a couple things: in the second immage you used the “select model elements” node, which element did you select?
I tried to feed the list of curve I got from the dwg into the curve.startpoint node, but it didn’t give lists of four elements like it does in your script. I’m missing something?

Amigo @samuele.fuda, srry i forgote mention the node Select Objects is part of the package Civil3DToolkit, i let you the script whit the default nodes to select your polylines, the objects that i selected is the only ones that are in your .dwg there are just polilynes

Ah ok I got it, you did it on Civil3D, I’m working on revit

Ok, you can always export your points to an excel or pdf, the package Genious looki allows you take data from linked .dwg, and there are also Civil conection that alows you conect C3D to Revit, good look!!