Adaptive components orientation?













Hi , friends, as a beginer, i just start to transfer my workflow from grasshopper to Dynamo here since last week,

I do have a lot of questions, so i would like to ask questions, and i guess this is the only place right now that can get help from.

So i would keep on posting and asking , hope this wouldnt bother you guys too much .

As i continue my projects, i find more problems,

but it is getting closer:

I was trying to apply the adaptive 4 point components to the divide surface in dynamo, the way it pop up seems like something wrong with the adaptive component orientations.

So i decide to divide the surface manually in revit, then drag the adaptive components to the mass, and snap to the 4 points, and last repeat. and this way works perfect(Seemlkess connection )

So i go back to check my adaptive points(Auto calculate, vertical placement……)

Tried all of them, but none of them works.

See the images attached. Thank you very much again.