Placing adaptive component on curved surface (by generator)

Hello everyone,


I am new to Dynamo but I have decided to give it a try as Revit itself was fairly limited for what I wanted to do. First of all, what I did in Revit. I have created a mass based on several vertical splines whose points can be moved to create a curved surface. Then I have applied an adaptive component to that surface.On this screenshot link you can see how it looks like in Revit. What I want to do now is a generator in Dynamo that will let me to place this adaptive component to the surface, and allow me to edit the coordinates of the points, or any other way around. I have tried everything I know by now but nothing resulted in generator. Is there any way to do this?


Thank you!

Hi Sanel,

Read this post

And also have a look at “Lunchbox Package” it has has got useful nodes for playing with points. Good Luck!

Thanks Kulkul!


I have managed to extract the points and place the components, but now I want to change the shape of that predefined surface in Revit by altering the coordinates of the points.


I am probably missing out something, but is there a way to change the coordinates of a point in Revit by Dynamo once it was extracted to it?

You have a surface in Revit that you control with some parameters in Revit?

You want to populate this surface with adaptive components?

If I’ve made the right assumptions…

  1. Use one of the selection nodes in Dynamo to select the surface

  2. Divide the surface and generate points.

  3. Group the points into sublists such that the length of each sublist matches the number of adaptive points in the AC

  4. Use Dynamo to place the AC in Revit

Hi Vikram,

Can you explain further step 3 or point to a tutorial please?