Revit Adaptive Component built in Dynamo.. Any Examples / Tutorials

Hi All,

Going to be working on a few projects in the coming months that require me to work in Dynamo with Revit. Been working my way through a few tutorials on adaptive components but all seem to only use Dynamo to be placing the adaptive component that has already created in Revit. Not building an adaptive component in Dynamo first, then placing it / using it.

One such tutorial that maybe we question the workflow was this, as it has a very repetitive workflow that could be created through Dynamo a lot faster than manual especially as adaptive components become more complex forms and or nested in larger components.

Any Thoughts, Code Examples or Tutorials greatly appreciated.


Hi Matt,

Yes, agreed, there’s not much out there. Which means you’ll likely need to do some coding to get exactly what you want.

The only node I’m aware of is Springs.AdaptiveFamily.ByFacetedGeometry. Here’s a thread on the use of it, where @Dimitar_Venkov gives a link to samples on his Github:

It doesn’t sound exactly what you’re after, but if you click into it you can see the Python that’s been used and perhaps create your own version. Dimitar is a Guru, so it won’t be easy.

Hopefully that’s useful.


@Dimitar_Venkov loving the class ‘PtsErrorMuncher’ :smiley:

Thanks, I will take a look at that post as-well. Yeah agreed, sometimes you need to review what others have done that similar in someway to see what code/logic etc they are using to access and control things.

Hi @Mark.Ackerley
Can you post a link to the ErrorMuncher class? :slight_smile:


@Marcel_Rijsmus It’s inside Dimitar’s Python in that node… I’m no expert, but it does indeed seem to Munch Errors :smiley:

@Matt_Gaydon best of luck, let us know how you get on :slight_smile: