Simultaneous View Creation Bug

Continuing the discussion from I'm having issues with transactions:

I think I have made a significant discovery,

It appears that Revit view and level creation is fragile, and that view creation nodes will not execute simultaneously even when even with acceptable input.
^No new views in the project browser
Initially when I created this test script on automatic execution all the views created fine because they had a chronological order to execute in (the order in which I placed the nodes) but, when I executed the script in manual execution mode it did not know which order to create the views and just kinda skipped over them, with out error messages I might add.

I think this is what broke my script in my previous post: I'm having issues with view creation
because the error occurred when trying to separate my plan and profile views into 2 separate views for easier management.

I think I’ll add this issue to the Revit specific GitHub. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here is the link to the GitHub issue:

Forcing the views to execute sequentially by using a pass through node from Clockwork allows the views to generate.