Version 2.0.3. can not be downloaded

Dear all,
Can someone tell me why we can not download the version of Dynamo 2.0.3. fro, the website:

I just install Revit 2019 in order to test some script and with the installation of the Revit, I have 1.3.3. and now I can not find version 2.0.3. Can someone help me?

I think Autodesk fixing error, I has upload it from my computer to internet,dynamo 2.0.4 Good than 2.0.3 you can dowload at

Better to ask @solamour!

Hello @nenad.kovacevicUJ7NU - We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix, in the meantime please download from this link below. The downloads are still there, just not surfacing correctly on the link:

Feel free to replace the 2.0.4 bit with 2.0.3 if you wish, I’ve just given you the lastest link :slight_smile:


Thank all of you for your answers. I need to ask one more question if you are making a fixed version for Revit 2019 why just not make version 2.6.0 available for older Revit versions? In that way, we will avoid a large issue that we have when a group of users needs to run the same script on the different Revit/Dynamo versions.

API part with the different parameter names I can solve in my script but the problem with the node existence in the different versions I can not solve.

From Revit 2020 / Dynamo 2.1 onwards, Dynamo is now part of the build process of Revit as we have decoupled the Dynamo Core installer from Dynamo for Revit. This means that Revit will release new versions with Dynamo installed as a standard component without a separate installer and without affecting previous Revit installations. This decision was made to bring more predictability and stability to the Dynamo for Revit experience.

Part of this change meant we no longer create installers for Revit versions (The paradigms of old) as we simplified the relationship between Dynamo and Revit. As such, Dynamo 2.0.4 is the last version available to Revit 2019 (With 2.0.4 being released recently containing bug fixes and some performance improvements): building installers outside of this framework is considerable effort that we have decided is better spent improving Dynamo overall as we seek to make it all that it can be and unfortunately this means that Revit 2019 will not have a future version of Dynamo.

You can read more about it here:, here and here


Thank you very much @solamour for the explanation. I really appreciate your effort.

You are most welcome @nenad.kovacevicUJ7NU! :slight_smile: