Simply Curved Solid with Corner Fillet


Is it possible to create a filleted corner on a solid body that is simply curved?

I’ve tried multiple approaches and end up with this result. I have an idea that it’s due to the arc creating the filleted corner. It’s staying in plane, not projecting correctly as the surface curves.

To work through the problem I tried spline through points and also reference line which follows the surface u/v. However, Revit still doesn’t create the proper filleted corner (always results in unwanted lines.)

I’d be grateful to any suggestions!

As I’m a new user to the forum, I was restricted to one image. Following shows my approach: a 6-point adaptive component to create the single curvature solid (it’s currently shown as a surface), with an arc that is driven by hosted points on the edge splines and reference lines.

Better view of the corner: