Solid from curves

Hi all

I am trying to make solid from the below closed curves, solid.byloft failed and also tried to make surfaces for all sides then join them to make solid and also failed. please check the picture below and let me know if you have any idea.

solid1 solid3 solid2

Thank you all

Try the surface thicken node

surface thicken node can’t pick the two surfaces and it’s for uniform extruding. loft worked with me after i split the closed curves to two parts

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@Mohammad_Nawar Please post your dyn.

Please find below

Falconry Roof A5 to A6.dyn (69.5 KB)

Drum Arches.xlsx (127.7 KB)

Hey @salvatoredragotta

have you check the script ?

@Mohammad_Nawar I will have a look

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@Mohammad_Nawar A suggestion, have you tried lofting one way, then the other, using the resulting perimeter polycurves as a “secondary” set of profiles?

Test generated with 4 model lines in Revit.


@Mohammad_Nawar Solid creation for your geometry seems to fail with most straight forward approaches. Here is an approach that works …

Falconry Roof A5 to A6-Vik.dyn (77.4 KB)


@Ewan_Opie @Vikram_Subbaiah Thank you for the ideas now it’s working !