Fillet curves from wall location lines

Hi all,
is there any way to fillet curves coming from walls location lines
thank you

What are you trying to do exactly? You specify the wall location curve in your post but your graph is using all the layer lines. Either way, you’ll have to connect each curve before you can fillet it. You can see from your Dynamo preview that the layers overlap and won’t just connect to each other without some extra effort. Is your end goal to replace the corners with fillets in Revit, or do you just need to get the shape in Dynamo?

I’m trying to create one curve for every layer location line in order to create multiple walls instead of the compound wall (in other words :splitting the wall into its layers )

Decompose compound wall

You can try trimming/extending the location lines but I would think it would actually be easier to start with the internal or external wall location and just offset each layer by its thickness. That way you can easily fillet one set of curves and then just duplicate the additional layeres.

seems a good idea, i will try it