Sheet numbering as combination of different Parameters (Solved)

Hi everyone,
I´m really new to Dynamo. I´m tring to get the sheet number Parameter as a combination of different Parameters.
I found this example but unfortunatly is not working.

I get actually no wrong messages

any idea?

Plane is german for Sheets i guess? Try this:

Hi Schasfoortyoeri,
thank you for the suggestion. I´ve been tring with the Codeblock as you suggested and something seems moving but not working.

Dynamo try to override the sheetnumber just with the three “_”, Looks like the Parameters are not successfully read.

Are these Sheet parameters?

yes, as Shared Parameters

Could you upload a Revit file? Im not an expert but i can do some trail and error

this is my actual Dynamo screen. I dont know why but i can´t get the four Parameters…

Revit wont let you rename Sheetnumbers to all be “___” it should be all unique entries

thanks m.rijsmus,
yes this make sense, but i cant do that…

He wants it to be unique entries.

a = value of parameter Plantyp
b = value of parameter Ifd.
my geus is these parameters vary per sheet

Sheetnumber = a + "_" + b + "_" + c "_" + d

HI all, thank you!

now is working!!! but just for some of These.
How to remove this “==” Code block on top?

That == node is checking if the sheet parameter Plantyp isnt “” (empty)
you could leave it out, but if its empty it will result in Sheetnumbers like this:

Sheetnumber = _b_c_d

starting with _

Thank you all!! I almost archive what i was looking for, i just need now to put everithing together.

I have few more Questions:

  1. one of These Parameters are actually always the same, so i could replace it with a fixed “AB” for example. Any Idea how to do this?

  2. I would like to put the revisions number in the end… but it is not a sheet number…

that can be done just as you typed it…



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Thank you very much!

Do you think is possible to add the “Revision number” Parameter?

Use the same method as before to add it to the parameter :slight_smile: this is how you could get revision info from sheets.

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You are Right! I just added the Parameter in the same file and it is working well :slight_smile:

Glad it worked! Can you mark a post as solution so others can also learn from your question?

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Hi everyone again!
I´ve been using this script more or less in a good way, the sintaxt of my Plannumber is: “FRA”+""+a+""+b+""+“AOB”+""+c+""+d+""+e+""+f+""+g;

G is my Revision Parameter.

I would like to have the underscore “_” before the last Parameter G (Revisionparameter) just when true is.

Any idea?