Sheet numbering as combination of different Parameters (Solved)


Hi everyone,
I´m really new to Dynamo. I´m tring to get the sheet number Parameter as a combination of different Parameters.
I found this example but unfortunatly is not working.

I get actually no wrong messages

any idea?


Plane is german for Sheets i guess? Try this:


Hi Schasfoortyoeri,
thank you for the suggestion. I´ve been tring with the Codeblock as you suggested and something seems moving but not working.

Dynamo try to override the sheetnumber just with the three “_”, Looks like the Parameters are not successfully read.


Are these Sheet parameters?


yes, as Shared Parameters


Could you upload a Revit file? Im not an expert but i can do some trail and error



this is my actual Dynamo screen. I dont know why but i can´t get the four Parameters…


Revit wont let you rename Sheetnumbers to all be “___” it should be all unique entries


thanks m.rijsmus,
yes this make sense, but i cant do that…


He wants it to be unique entries.

a = value of parameter Plantyp
b = value of parameter Ifd.
my geus is these parameters vary per sheet

Sheetnumber = a + "_" + b + "_" + c "_" + d


HI all, thank you!

now is working!!! but just for some of These.
How to remove this “==” Code block on top?


That == node is checking if the sheet parameter Plantyp isnt “” (empty)
you could leave it out, but if its empty it will result in Sheetnumbers like this:

Sheetnumber = _b_c_d

starting with _


Thank you all!! I almost archive what i was looking for, i just need now to put everithing together.

I have few more Questions:

  1. one of These Parameters are actually always the same, so i could replace it with a fixed “AB” for example. Any Idea how to do this?

  2. I would like to put the revisions number in the end… but it is not a sheet number…


that can be done just as you typed it…




Thank you very much!

Do you think is possible to add the “Revision number” Parameter?


Use the same method as before to add it to the parameter :slight_smile: this is how you could get revision info from sheets.


You are Right! I just added the Parameter in the same file and it is working well :slight_smile:


Glad it worked! Can you mark a post as solution so others can also learn from your question?