Plan number with different parameters

Hi everyone,
i have a Question related this post: Sheet numbering as combination of different Parameters (Solved)

I´ve been using this script more or less in a good way, the sintaxt of my Plannumber is: “FRA”+""+a+""+b+""+“AOB”+""+c+""+d+""+e+""+f+""+g;

G is my Revision Parameter.

I would like to have the underscore “_” before the last Parameter G (Revisionparameter) just when true is.(just when there is a revision)

Any idea?


Hey there, maybe you can try this way :

Hi Ikichenin, is this an “If” statement?

Yes it is, it would be the same as this :

Hi Ikichenin,
I got it!! Great tip!!
I´m quite new with Dynamo so i spent quite a bit of time to figure out where the “if Statement” should go.

Thank you for the support!
This is a great Forum :slight_smile: