Export Revit project existing sheets (sheet number/name) to excel with Dynamo

Hi Everyone, I am a beginner in Dynamo and having some problem when I am trying to export the existing sheets (sheet number and name) from my Revit project into excel with Dynamo Scripts.

In the attached screenshot of my Dynamo, I can see the sheets parameters before i use “elements. get parameter value by name”, but after that node as you can see, when I am trying to take the “sheet number” parameters out, there is no value in the output except the index number.

Can someone help me figure out where the problem is? Much appreciation.

Hi @JimmyF,
Parameters are case sensitive , try “Sheet Number”

Thank you so much Mostafa. It works now, which took me some time yesterday to figure out the reason. I didn’t realize it could be some problem like this. Thanks again!