Newbie Help Sheet Number change back to Revit

Hi everyone,

Very new at Dynamo here (this is my first script) and I can’t figure out how to take all the sheet numbers that I’ve modified in Dynamo and insert them back into Revit.

I am trying to add a “0” to the end of my sheet number and it the script looks like is running and doing what I need. However, I don’t know how to run through the updated sheet number list in dynamo and update my Revit sheets?

Here is what I have so far - I think currently I am trying to shove an entire list into a single sheet number :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



Try This

Thank you for helping! I don’t know why it is not working :confused: Is it looking for a number instead of a string for the value? Not sure what that warning means…



Your lists do not match. Flatten the list coming out of String.PadRight. If that still does not work set the lacing in Set Parameters to longest and if that still does not work see this post.


Hope it helps


Awesome! Thank you so much for your help! Putting together Ben’s comments and yours worked!!! Yay – first successful dynamo script!!! Thank you!!!

Awesome stuff - Congratulations :slight_smile:

You can also get rid of your ‘List.Create’ node by putting curly brackets around the Code Block input as below:

{a.GetParameterValueByName(“Sheet Name”)};

It’s the DesignScript variant!