Sheet List with Revision Matrix

I have created a Dynamo graph that is using Dynamo player to map Sheet Issue/ Revision data to custom sheet parameters so that I can create a Sheet List with Revision/ Issue matrix. My graph works but I am not very experienced in Dynamo and Just feel like it could be optimized, or has to be a better way to do this. I would appreciate it if I could get feed back from this group on how to optimize my graph or other more effective methods to achieve desired results. Attached is link to screen cast showing the graph in action. I have also attached my dyn file for review. Any help or tips greatly appreciated.

revision tracking.dyn (143.3 KB)


This is certainly on my (very long) list of “things that Revit really should be able to do by now”. Most design offices resort to a time consuming and error prone method of Excel to produce drawing registers.

It is possible using just Revit’s revisions (no extra sheet parameters) along with Dynamo and a database to produce something similar. I wouldn’t say it is easy or simple- but does have the benefit that a reasonable drawing register can be produced directly from Revit, and takes only seconds to refresh.

The process is basically:

  1. Using Dynamo, export details of sheets, revisions and mapping between the two to a database
  2. Join it back together in the database using the IDs, so you have a complete list of all sheets and revisions
  3. Produce a report from this data. This will dynamically update as the underlying data is refreshed (using Dynamo). I used Excel pivot tables & Access- but could equally be PowerBI or any other reporting tool.

Refer below screenshots:








Thank you for the information and I am also exploring exporting the information to external databases; however my team would like me to acheive this soley in Revit. The goal is that our BIM team could just run the graph and have our sheet list that is submitted with that pakage be accurate to what is in revit.

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Which packages were used in this solution?

Which node packages were used in this solution??

Can someone please help out? I have tried to run this file, and I have almost made it work but there is the UI.DropDown Data that I cannot make it work. Can someone see something I am missing? thanks you in advance!