Building a drawing list that shows revisions

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I’ve been struggling to find a way to create a drawing list in Revit that automatically shows the revision submission for every sheet. See the image below as an example. At the moment, we do this “manually” by turning on a simple Yes/No parameter - triggering the display of the black dot in the drawing list. I would like to populate this information automatically based on the revision information already attached to each sheet.

Is this do-able with Dynamo? If so, can someone steer me in the right direction? I’m an experienced Revit user, but I’m new to Dynamo.




Drawing list

Hi Chaim,

This item has been on my wish list since long time. I guess the answer lies in Revit, for this issue.

Revit should allow users to add ‘All Revisions’ in the sheet list instead of just ‘Current Revision’…

Amen :slight_smile:

let’s move that issue to the top of the list…

anyone has an idea on how to do that…?

Has anyone figured this one out? We have a need for it.

So here’s the rub…Dynamo/Revit API can give you every single Revision on a Sheet. The code req’d is Sheet.GetAllRevisionIds(). You could then easily send that to Excel and generate a schedule. But you are trying to work with Revit’s schedule/sheet list. That means each column in the schedule needs to correspond to a shared parameter that is available to the Sheets category - so you have to create a shared parameter for Each and Every Revision/Sheet Issue. So technically, you could write a script to do what you want, but you’d need to provide the necessary parameters for the script to tell Yes/No - and unless you can see into the future how many revisions and sheet issues you will have, it’s going to be tough unless you are ok editing your script every single time to accomodate the new parameters.

Technically you could work with project parameters if you were in a bubble and only concerned with sheets internally (and this would allow you to possibly write a script that would automatically create the project parameters on an as-needed basis depending on the number of revisions in the project), but if you want your consultants to also have access to the same parameter for a unified sheet list, you will have to use shared parameters.



I agree with Ben, here are the steps: 1. Add Shared Parameter to Sheets Category for every Revision (text parameter). 2. Extract all Revisions from each sheet and write a dot symbol to corresponding shared parameter. I have a small utility for that, that I wrote for my company, but unfortunately I am not in position to share the code here. I am sorry :slight_smile: It is possible though, and not hard at all.


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That is awesome! If you can share, how does that work with your consultants? Do you share your shared parameter file and dot tool with them (so you can use live linked sheet lists)? Or do you use placeholder sheets for engineer sheets so you can keep the shared parameter tracking in-house?

Also, how many shared parameters for revisions do you start with in the job? 5? 10? It just seems to me like having to add another shared parameter each time a revision or sheet issue occurs is a headache (at the end of the project there might be 30 shared parameters…) and then your consultants have to constantly be adding parameters to their models (via schedule import, transfer project standards, or manual adding).

Unfortunately for consultants they have been asked to add the proper parameters to their models - and as far as I can tell they just add them manually. These are internal tools that I have been developing, and I am not exactly allowed to share them with consultants. I do send them the Shared Parameters file but they roll this stuff in on their own accord.

I like the idea of being able to add parameters to project from this menu. So far I have used this tool on maybe two projects, so it was easy to manage adding new parameters, but I can just add a small menu that allows you to add a shared parameter directly from this window. Thanks for the suggestion.