Export Sheet Revisions Report Mass Data

I’m wanting to Export a Sheet Revision Report to create an Excel Pivot table from an Excel Template (with pre-made Headers). To look something like this…where “X” could be Yes/True or No/False…or possibly the Date to make the Pivot Table work…

Here is what I have so far. Want to know if I’m headed in the right direction & what the next move would be so I can attempt to complete it myself. (excuse the junk on the bottom)
Export Sheet Revisions Report.dyn (54.9 KB)

Collect All Elements of Type > Revisions, then get each Revision Description with the Revision Properties node.

Run your sheets’ revisions through Revision Properties, and connect the Revision Description output to List.ContainsItem as the list input, and the Revision Description from your project revisions as the item input and set it to cross-product; this will give you a true/false list for each revision in your project, by sheet.

You then can write in a code block x? "X": null; to run that output through and it will give you the values you need for columns D through H.

As for the date, I’m assuming you will want the latest date for each sheet? Which can be done from the Revision Properties Date output with DateTime.FromString, MaximumItem @L2, and then DateTime.Format

@cftrevizo - there have been a couple of recent posts on the forum on this same topic.

The first link is a direct-to-Excel approach, whereas my approach (second link) involved an intermediate database- I didn’t post my graph or Excel output before- here they are:
Drawing Revision.xlsx (36.6 KB)

@awilliams Thanks. I’ll try it out.

@Andrew_Hannell could you re-post a higher fidelity of your graph to see the nodes. I’ve looked at those posts more recently to help make sense of my approach, which I’m mainly focused when needing to export anything at having Excel Templates to write to (& or to link that file to a Pivot Table in a Template) do wonders with Pivot Tables & Graphs is the best way to approach dealing with exporting Revit data to make sense of it all with a flip of a switch. Thank you & hopefully I can get over the Noob hump of making better sense of List Levels as I’ve got the Lacing down tight now.

the Dynamo ‘Export workspace to image’ isn’t working very well for some reason
I have to zoom in, and export from there.

If you want an Excel-only approach, you could possibly adapt this to export to separate worksheets and use functions such as vlookup. However, the database method is much simpler.

try this

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Credit to Aaron Maller at Parallax who’s sample file he shared several months ago when I started learning Dynamo. It’s crazy what you can do when you dream that helped me recall. I took his strategy & just tweaked it a bit, but it won’t stop me from testing/producing a more streamlined script. Enjoy.

Here is it’s product.

Issue Tracking Report_v6.dyn (51.1 KB)


I like this revision matrix, but I’m trying to have it look into all linked files to get their revisions on sheets. It gets all of the sheet elements, and I can get the sheet numbers and names from the linked files, but I can’t figure out how to extract the revisions from those linked sheets. I feel like I’m really close. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Issue Tracking Report.dyn (136.7 KB)

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