Sheet Duplicate Node from Bimorph fails with Legends

I’m using the Node from Bimorph “Sheet.Duplicate” and i have some problems when i get more then 1 Sheet to copy.
It fails because of the Legends, it’s not possible to copy them and so the Node fails.

Some Ideas?

Seet if that helps!

Sheet Dupliacte.dyn (12.6 KB)

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Thank you, but unfortunately no!
Revit comes with an error. It can not duplicate Legends.
Try to duplicate two sheets with the same Legend in it.

@Cree-G its a bug - thanks for reporting this. Its being fixed and should be updated on the package manager today.



It would be nice to have an option for more than one copy :slight_smile:

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@Cree-G this is fixed in BimorphNodes V4.0.12 available on the package manager. The current default behaviour for views like legends which can be placed multiple times on any number of sheets is to not duplicate and there is no way to bypass this. I’ve added your suggestion as a feature request.

For now the best workaround would be to duplicate all the sheets, then use nodes from other packages to collect the legends on the sheets output from the BimorphNode and replace them with your copies.


Perfect now it works without the legends error and they are copied in every sheet.
I did not understand perfectly your answer.
With the option for more copies i ment more duplicates from one sheet. Select one orignial sheet and duplicate it for example 3 times at once.

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