Sheet Duplicate Node Issue - Bimorph

Hello all,
First I would like to say thank you very much to the developer of the bymorph package, is amazing!!!
I am trying to create a graph that let select user an specific sheet, based on the sheet number, all seem to work well however not sure why the bymorph node does not like the inputs these way, I have tried the graph without the steamnodes and works well.

Any ideas why??

dyn attached

sheet duplicate.dyn (29.8 KB)

I have tried to simplyfied to graph, same problem

sheet duplicate not smart.dyn (11.4 KB)
Sheets are duplicated but not views


you need to provide a prefix string so revit will no try to create sheets with the same sheetnumber
you left the input prefix open

Hello Rijsmus, thanks for your help
But dont think that is the problem, as new sheets are created

Hi @BIMadmin check the report output of the node - does it say something like “View XX, on Sheet XX, exists in the document and cannot be duplicated”.

If your views already exist (possible if you run before, deleted the sheets to re-run, but didn’t delete the views), then that is the most likely reason. The suffix/affix are optional inputs - you only need to satisfy one for the node to execute. Your graph looks fine.

Hello Thomas,

That was it, exactly!

working now, by the way do you know why I am still getting an error here please?

Odd, and difficult to tell from an image. Post a simple Revit file which reproduces the exception and list all of the other packages you have installed, and Revit/Dynamo/BimorphNodes versions.

Sure Thomas,

sheet duplicate.dyn (26.4 KB)

rvt, dyn and list of packages attachedTest1.rvt (2.2 MB)

The issue appears to be caused by a combination of problems:

  1. The replication behaviour of Dynamo
  2. The modal forms appear to be refreshing Revit, but Dynamo doesn’t refresh until after the graph has fully executed, so by the time Sheet.Duplicate receives the data when the node starts to replicate, sheet numbers are out of date which results in null exceptions when it tries to access the sheets
  3. Sheet.Duplicate requires a list of sheets and a single prefix (or suffix), whereas you are providing a list - this is what triggers the replication and problem 2


  1. Flatten your list of sheets
  2. Use List.Map so each sheet gets duplicated with each suffix name (see image below)

or (recommended)

  1. Input a single suffix
  2. Duplicate the sheets
  3. Rename the sheets utilising the Sheet are output

List.Map is a hack really, so dont expect very useful outputs…

Thank you very much Thomas for your explanation and support,
This make a difference to new dynamo users!!!

Hello all,
Here is the graph in case anyone fancy using it,
It works very well!
Thank you very much Thomas for your help and to DataShapes.

Sheet duplicate.dyn (24.7 KB)