Bimorph Sheet duplictae taking too long

Hi all,

the sheet duplicate node ist working very good. However in projects that has a lot of sheets, Revit generates the graphics for every single exciting sheet before duplicating anything.


Thanks in advance

Try the following:

  1. Run your graph in Manual execution mode.
  2. Do not use any of the standard Dynamo select element nodes, such as All Elements of Category or All Elements of Family Type. These nodes have a weird problem if used with zero touch nodes that have list inputs containing views (sheets are a type of view) as they start regenerating all the views with each execution cycle and this can cripple performance or result in neverending re-execution of your graph. One way to avoid using these nodes is to use the BimorphNodes Sheet.FromSchedule node.

Hello Thomas,

thanks very much for replying! (and for the Wonderful tools)

I’m using the latest version and tried what you suggested and Revit is still generating all of the views unfortunately.

I will try with older versions. Maybe they won’t have this problem. Or do you another Idea? :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!