Share and Deploy Dynamo scripts as Revit buttons. NEW RELEASE!

Deploy your Dynamo Scripts in Autodesk Revit like a PRO!

NonicaTab PRO V2.0 creates a new Revit toolbar with 3 profiles of 12 buttons each easy to customize with your Dynamo scripts and favorite icons. Profiles (Default, Beta, and Gamma) can be easily switched at runtime to use different sets of buttons.

This new release also includes INPUT DETECTOR ! If you want NonicaTab PRO to ask for input values before executing your Dynamo script you only need to set the node as “Is Input”. We have compiled more than 40 input nodes to make your job as easy as possible.

The PRO version also allows you to import and export your NonicaTab PRO toolbars and share them easily. A file (.nonica) will be created in your selected location which you can use to import in as many computers with NonicaTab PRO installed as you wish.

What about the Dynamo packages? FORGET ABOUT THEM! If your Dynamo scripts are running well on your PC, they will run well in the importing computer. When you export your toolbars, NonicaTab PRO detects all the installed Dynamo packages required to run the scripts in your toolbars and they will be imported together with your toolbar. You only need to make sure that they are created or resaved in a Dynamo version later than v2.3.

Gif NonicaTab PRO
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