Deploy & Update Dynamo scripts as Revit buttons REMOTELY – RELEASE NonicaTab PRO v3.0 ❗️

Dear Dynamo colleagues,

We are thrilled to introduce the new version of NonicaTab PRO v3.0. This release includes three main new features; Connect feature, Set up Details and Toolbar renaming.

Here we go!

Connect feature.
All your target computers will detect toolbar changes made from other computer and refresh all buttons and packages automatically when running any script.

Steps for two-clicks deployments:
1.- Export your toolbars to OneDrive or Dropbox folder.
2.- Connect easily your target computers to the exported toolbars in the Settings panel.
3.- Overwrite the connected file with any changes for target computers.

Set up Details.
Customize button names and descriptions like never before. Click on the Set up Details under each button to customize the name and description of it. Add breakline to break a line in the name or description of your Revit buttons. You can now also “Clean” buttons. Cleaning will leave the button like you never touched it deleting the icon and script of it.


Toolbar renaming.
Edit the name of the profiles. Default, Beta and Gamma profiles are now customizable. You can edit them from the Settings panel. Add breakline to break a line in the name of the profile.

Toolbar renaming NonicaTab PRO

NonicaTab PRO | All-in-one Dynamo Deployment Tool.

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Link to Autodesk App Store: NonicaTab PRO. Advanced features. | Revit | Autodesk App Store

7-minute video explaining all features: NonicaTab PRO User Guide v3.0 - YouTube :heavy_check_mark:

Have a great Monday!
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I just tried to use this plugin.
Without reading any manual i could

  • Load my scripts
  • Rename the buttons
  • Rename the profiles
  • Add descriptions
  • Assign keyboard keys

So this is really userfriendly and everything works perfect!
The connect feature is a big deal for me, I´m looking forward to test it in my department with my coworkers :slight_smile:
This really takes my scripts to the next level, great work!


Hello @gerhard.p

We are very glad to hear your feedback.
The connect feature is very simple as well. It works the same way as the import feature, it is helpful that the file you connect to is in OneDrive or Dropbox. So when exporting from other computer, this will be detected in target computers.

We would be glad to help you via a live call (contact
We leave you a short demonstration video: Connect | NonicaTab PRO v3.0 - YouTube

Thank you,