Dynamo Scripts in PLAYLISTS 🎶 Create lists of Dynamo scripts to be run one after the other!

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Simply, use the same keyboard shortcut for several NonicaTab buttons :keyboard:. You can also drag and drop to change the order in the playlist! :clipboard:

Free 30 day trial in Autodesk App Store. No payment method required! NonicaTab PRO v4.0 IS HERE! Link: NonicaTab PRO. Advanced features. | Revit | Autodesk App Store :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

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Welcome to NonicaTab video serie in which we are going to review each feature of our Revit Add-In in a separate short video. 4 videos of the series are already published in YouTube:
· SET UP A DYNAMO SCRIPT IN A REVIT BUTTON easily in two clicks with no coding skills.
· 6 WAYS TO RUN DYNAMO SCRIPTS FROM REVIT from the quick access toolbar to keyboard shortcuts or playlists.
· SCHEDULE DYNAMO SCRIPTS TO AUTO-RUN every X minutes or every time you save or open a Revit file.
· REFRESH REVIT BUTTONS & RENAME TOOLBARS while working in your Dynamo scripts.

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