Setting the visibility of worksets for a view template

good afternoon, please tell me if it is possible to implement a reset of the visibility of working sets (use global settings) for the 3D view template.
I used the arhilab node, but it only works for the view, not the view template./

Hi, Have you checked that “Workset.GetAll” is only containing only 1 workset and not a list of elments? If not used a codeblock with “A.[0]” to select the first element of the list.

Workset.GetAll returns all worksets. That’s how it should be.
The task is to take a view template and change the visibility of worksets for it.

that is Workset.GetAll fulfills perfectly.
And Views when choosing a view template, produces null.
And if you select Exactly the view, then everything will work.

Navisworks is a view
(О)_3D_Navisworks - view template

works with Navisworks but doesn’t solve the problem

with (O)_3D_Navisworks - does not work.

I believe it is because the Visibility takes an integer 0, 1, 2 (0 = show, 1 = hide, 2 = Global Settings)