Dynamo - workset's visibily on 3D ViewTemplates

i’m blocked with my 3D Templates.
i’m using the Node : ꟿ Collect.View3DTemplates and it’s working well but the elements at the end are not analysed by this node : Views.SetWorksetVisibility

I want to manage the worket’s visibility depending on the function of my 3D View…

Can you help me ? Thanks,


Can you show what you have so far?

The same script works with 2D ViewTemplates

Hello @Edouard.Guillemot …try to insert this one after your worksets name…

I think, the problem comes from the 3D Views because the node “Views.SetWorksetVisibility” is waiting a view and not a Revit.Elements.Element

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I am not sure how you collect your 3D views but using this way worked for me :

You are setting existing 3D views, not 3D Templates ?
The solution might be creating a 3D view by 3D Template and then modify them. I’ll try this…

“Element Types” Node does not get 3D templates, it’s why i’m using “ꟿ Collect.View3DTemplates”

From what I read, it’s quite a pain to deal with 3D viewtemplate. There is a workaround exposed in this answer :

Don’t use “ThreeD” viewtemplate, use “FloorPlan” viewtemplates instead.

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yes… i already found this solution, but it’s not very friendly…
Thanks for your help