Setting Multiple Workset Visibilities

I’m setting up a Project Start Up script to auto create worksets, set up their global settings, and then set individual workset visibilities into view templates. I have creation and global settings operating. I am struggling with using the Archilab node View.SetWorksetVisibility. The Archilab node does not seem to want to lace in the same method Element.SetParameterByName operates and no matter which pattern of iterations I try, I can’t seem to get it to assign properly. Has anyone ever ran into this and found a solution?

From top to bottom on the left, I have:
list of view templates as their view elements
the worksets as pulled from archilab.Workset.GetAll() for compatibility with View.SetWorksetVisibility
The list of visibility settings as a lists that match formatting of the other lists

@scottW4TRA ,

can you not do it via a view-template ? and set it to specific views?

When in doubt, use 1-to-1 inputs. Lacing and list levels still follow the rules of the node. If the node expects a certain structure it may be more difficult to get exactly what you want. Structure your lists so that there is no uncertainty.

No. Project templates cannot be workshared so you can’t host workset information into the View Templates.