Setting Conduit Parameters from Excel Schedule by common Conduit ID

I am VERY new to Dynamo (a few days in at this point), and am trying to accomplish something beyond my ability to understand. I’m hoping other may be able to provide some guidance.

End-goal: Use a Conduit Feeder Schedule, in excel, that identifies each Feeder Conduit that will go in the model with a unique Conduit ID for each run, as well as some supplemental information. In the Revit model, the only parametric information that the Conduits will have is their Conduit ID, and I want to use that ID to drive the rest of the information into the model.

Question: Is there a way to tell dynamo “Any conduit with ID#1 gets this information added to it: From=EL01; TO=EL02; CKT=4… Any conduit with ID#2 gets this information added to it: FROM=EL07; TO=EL11; CKT=3” etc. etc. and what is the most efficient way to do that?

Secondary question: I need to do this for all conduits and conduit fittings in the model, so that I can properly schedule and export everything at the end, but I’ve noticed that when listing conduit fittings, it pulls in a conduit fitting as well as two items called ‘circle’ for each elbow… why?! How can I get it to JUST list out the individual elbows, instead of this duplicitous information?

I’m really hoping this is making some kind of sense, and please let me know if I need to provide more clarity on any of this. Thank you!

Hi @TPittman,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.

Yes, it is possible to do that.
If I was supposed to do it, I would probably import the excel file and create a dictionary from it and go on from there.

I’m not sure what you mean by circles. Can you share a picture of what it looks like?

Hi @AmolShah, and thank you for the quick response.

I’ve put this specific build on hold for now, but regarding the ‘circles’, I’m specifically referring to the results provided when listing all elements from the ‘conduit fittings’ category (categories > all elements of category). For every conduit elbow in the model, you get three listings: Once for the elbow element by family/type, and then twice more with a listing called ‘circle’. I’m assuming these are picking up the inside/outside radius of the conduit and reporting them as separate elements, which then need to be filtered out of the listing before applying any parameter changes.