Setting Parameter Values to Elements with the Same Name

I’ll do my best to explain what it is I’m trying to do as I don’t really have any code to show you.

I have an Excel with the name of a Conduit Run( i.e. L2CRD_to_L2CRD 13) along with all the other info a Conduit run might need, such as TO and From.

In Revit I will draw a conduit run, and using the tab selection, will name the run L2CRD_to_L2CRD 13. This will make the parameter, Conduit_Run_Name of each of individual pieces of Conduit L2CRD_to_L2CRD 13.

In Dynamo, I want to then make it so all the bits of Conduit called L2CRD_to_L2CRD 13 will all be populated by the info in Excel meant for L2CRD_to_L2CRD 13.

I am running into a wall on that way this might be done. I COULD create as many rows in Excel that have the same info for L2CRD_to_L2CRD 13 as I have pieces of conduit but when writing the excel that wont be a known quantity.

I’m sorry this is kind of sparse but please, message me and I will do my best to clarify.

Why not use the native Revit schedule and schedule all of your conduit runs withe the parameters you need and sort and group them by that parameter Conduit run name?

I hope I understood your question.
Hope that helps!