RMEP-Excel Feeder Sched to Drive Conduit Params

Okay, This is my 1st foray into Dynamo, and as Usual, I don’t start small…But I’m thinking this out load. I am Receiving Excel files from Supers and PM’s for an Elec BIM Modeling Project, for input into my conduits and runs…(See Attached Example…It’s currently empty but you get the gist)…Since I/we are currently Manually inputting All these fields into the particular Conduit/Run based on the Conduit Numbers, it is wrought with many chances to make mistakes, not to mention Extremely Laborious…


SSSSSOOOOOO, my thinking is to use Dynamo to create and populate the link between The xlsx sheets and the Model. Then Create a Conduit run, AND when I Mark it as Same Conduit #1, All of the Params are automatically filled in for the Run, and thus the schedule for Prefab…WITHOUT having to MANUALLY INPUT the Parameters.

So my question is this…“Am I smoking Something”, and it’s not possible, OR it is possible and I need to start Small.

I’ve been looking at a lot of the AU Materials for Dynamo, and see a possibility.


Any Help for this ‘Dynamo Virgin’ would be greatly appreciated>




Mike M.Feeders


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