Conduit Parameter to Conduit Run Parameter

I have a shared parameter for Conduits, Conduit Fittings, and Conduit Run. Is there a way to get it to have Dynamo copy the Value from Conduit and apply it to Conduit Run. I’m new to Dynamo and I’m just fumbling around any focus on the path I should take would help.


Hi Dan,

Which parameter values you want to copy from conduit. Below is an example of conduit lengths. Hope it helps!

Sorry if my question was not clear Conduit Run is not a parameter it’s an element. Comments and Conduit Type are the only things auto shared between “Conduit” and “Conduit Runs”. I’m attempting to make more Shared Parameter to collaborate between the two.

Correct me if i am wrong. Are you looking to copy “Comments” parameter values from “Conduit” + “ConduitRun” + Conduit parameter “EET DATA Shop Order” and assign them to “ConduitRun” parameter name “EET DATA Shop Order”.

Join all three parameters and assign to one?

I’m only trying to copy “EET DATA Shop Order” From Conduits to Conduit Run. Comments automatically transfer.


Then in this case your script is good to go. What is the error message your getting?

When I run the script it does to copy to the right Conduit Run.

Hi Dan,

Can you put here revit file so that i can have closer look at it and provide to you workflow.

The File is to big 5m is the largest this site will let you upload.

Just clean up every thing except “Conduit” & “Conduit Run” then send me to

This should work. It’s important to understand what distinguishes Conduit from Conduit Run

Conduit - Includes System Family: Conduit with Fittings and System Family:Conduit without Fittings

Conduit Run - Includes only System Family: Conduit without Fittings

File: conduit.dyn I used this revit file as the base.


    <li class="bbp-topic-freshness topic-latest-activity-meta"> <div class="row">Vikram This gets close but once you have more conduits that conduit runs it jumbles the list. Thank you guys for all your help</div>
Revit File conduit


Below is the workflow. Hope this helps!

The Dynamo definition I’d provided will only work if my assumption regarding the difference between Conduit and Conduit Run is correct.

However I realized that it isn’t necessarily correct and that the conduit family can be changed from Conduit without fittings to Conduit with fittings.

Doing so does not delete that instance of the column run (which should happen for my definition to work)

I’m not familiar with the Revit MEP. To come up with a proper definition it would be important to understand what a Conduit Run actually is.

Never mind Vikram. Conduit installations are normally referred to as runs of conduit. A run of conduit is the conduit, fittings, straps, conductors, and bends needed from one opening to the next (for example, from the panel board to the first outlet box or from the first outlet box to the second outlet box).



Ok I have a project that has almost 3000 Conduit Runs. Is there a way to filter list to copy only the Parameter filled for conduit to the associated Conduit Run. Kulkul your code works great when all parameter are filled in but when Conduit parameter is not filled in then it fills in every instant in the Conduit Run Parameter and in the wrong order.


Conduit-Conduit Run4

So it appears that when “EET DATA Shop Order” has the same value for different “Comments” that is when the script is fails to respond in the way that is needed.


Ok this gets me to the right amount of Parameters to be filled in it’s just not filling in the right Conduit Run.


What I was wanting to do was to be able to draw a conduit run and then tab select it and be able to fill out comments (which we all know will transfer from the conduit to the conduit run) and fill out my Conduit Run System Type. Then I wanted dynamo to transfer what I typed into Conduit Run System Type for conduits to transfer to the conduit run in the Conduit Run System Type shared parameter that I made as a project parameter which allows it to be used on conduit, conduit fittings, and conduit Runs. I assume that is what this thread: Conduit Parameter to Conduit Run Parameter was trying to do. Due to some of the ideas in the previously mentioned thread I have accomplished exactly that! So hopefully Dan from the previous thread is fallowing this one because i have attached the image of how to do this. Oh and it will make sure that the correct information is in the correct places which is what the previous thread was missing that I fixed.

How to use the workflow
The key is you have to have made shared parameters that are project parameters and force them to be available to conduits, conduit fittings, and conduit runs. Then when you draw a run you have to tab and select the whole run. At this point the shared project parameter you made can be filled out but you also have to fill out the comments parameter so what I do is I use this script and another script that will take my comments and transfer it to Conduit Run Name which is another shared project parameter I made and I fill in the Conduit Run Name in comments so there are two parameters that have my Conduit Run Name but I already had tags and things set up using that parameter. So you could just use comments as your run name.

I hope this answers this thread and the previous thread enjoy!

BakerElectricTech i have used your example but i changed it to copy from conduit run to conduits and fittings. This works great in a test project but when i try run with in a project it doesnt work. But also if i copy the conduit runs from the project to a new one it works. any ideas ?