Set pinned status for views

Hey there,

I am having a very small issue i already searched all over the internet but didn’t found any workaround to it.
My goal is to pin the views which are placed in sheets, i am able to filter the views which are in sheets but i think element.setpinnedStatus is not working with views
Does anyone know hot to do it

Hi @hitesh.hirani7APDE,
Not sure what you are trying to pin. But I think this should do the trick:

You got me buddy this is what i wanted to do, it works thanks a lot.

Only one issue is there in node get crop region element is that it takes a lot of time to iterate and this is because i have lot of sheets so is there any possibility to reduce this time because right now i have 39 sheets and it already taken 45min and still running

@hitesh.hirani7APDE Try using the View CropBox node from GeniusLoci.
It would be a good idea to turn off the geometry preview like I did to save some processing.

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Yea this method works pretty well and smooth thank buddy @AmolShah