Placing Views on Sheets after setting CropBox and scale

Dear Community,
I’m addressing you for a recurring problem that doesn’t seem to find its solution despite all my efforts for the last part of my program.
The idea is to create sheets with the basic node "SheetbynamenumbertitleblockandviewS
Sheets are created, but some viewports aren’t imported in it, due to its dimensions. So i checked and the views were resized perfectly (cropbox and scale) in previous nodes. I added endtransaction and starttransaction nodes, modified the order of transactions, modified the nodes, downloaded and replaced nodes but the problem persists.

Any Idea ?

hi @binarchi ,
are you sure you want to use "Sheetbynamenumbertitleblockandview S " ?
this means multiple views per sheet. But it seems like you want one view per sheet (I get that from sequence of the sheet numbers you create).
Can you also show what you feed to the “TitleBlowkFamilyType” and the error given by the node?

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hi Mostafa,
Finally it works ! thank you for your help i just replace by the node sheetbynamenumbertitleblockview,
I haven’t really understood the causes of the warning (maybe the node took the first sheet for reference and could not place certain views)

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