Issue with View.SetCropRegion Node (Rhythm Package)

Hi All,

I’m having an issue with the View.SetCropRegion node from the Rhythm package.

My script is as per the below:

Everything seems to be feeding in fine? Has anyone had a similar issue with this node?

Thanks in advance.

Part 2.dyn (9.6 KB)

Is youre viewplan connected to a scopebox?

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Hi @Nico_Stegeman

Thank you for your post but no the views don’t have scope boxes applied.

After a lot of trial and error I still couldn’t get this node to work however I found a workaround using the MEPover package.

I will try to post an update showing my findings tonight/tomorrow…

Hmm. I’ll have to take a look at this. A possible reason for failure is the planes don’t match. Are you able to provide a minimal sample file?


Hi @john_pierson

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve tested it out extensively over the weekend and had no luck unfortunately. I’ll try to post my script and a sample file tomorrow night, along with a short summary of what I’ve tested.


Hey @john_pierson

Couldn’t stay away from my computer for that long haha. I’ve tried to sum up everything best I can below…

First here’s a picture of my attempt to get the View.SetCropRegion node to work.


You’ll see in the ‘Get Crop Region from Area Boundary’ group within the script I’ve tried a combination of various methods to extract the bounding box and also tried to convert the designscript bounding box to a revit DB bounding box but no luck.

For the view input I’ve tried to feed in floor plans and area plans, and to feed in 1 view vs multiple views.

Script is attached below as well as a link for the sample file I’ve been using to run this.

Within the file’s project browser it’s the marketing floor plans (yellow) that I’m trying to crop and the floor plans (area) (green) that contain the areas from which i’m generating the bounding boxes to crop with.


Running dynamo 2.0.2 on revit 2018.3

Link To Sample File

Attempt Using Rhythm Package.dyn (51.9 KB)

Should it benefit anyone this is the workaround method using the View.SetCropBoxCurves node from the MEPover package.


Workaround Using View.SetCropBoxCurves[MEPover].dyn (58.9 KB)

[Package Dependencies: Archi-lab, Clockwork & MEPover]