Placing Views Onto Sheet In At Specific Coordinates

Hi Guys,
ive made a file that automatically adds view and sheets to my project using a spreadsheet
Im now trying to add these views to the sheets at a specific position.
Ive issues with steamnodes but managed to solve they by placing there python script in a new node (one thats not nested)
But ive got to the end and am using nodes and they arent working
the steamnodes say that views are already in (which they arent)
and the rhythm one comes up with a value of null

ive attached the file has anyone come up against this is before

Testing.dyn (163.2 KB)

I have used the rhythm ViewPort.Create node in a couple of graphs and have never had any issues with it. So it may be best if you run your graph and then show the data (sheet, view and location) that you are feeding into the place views on sheet node.

Thank you for the idea.
I get all my data just fine. I can use the sheet.Bynamenumbertitleblockandview dynamo node just fine. It will add the view to the sheets just fine.
But they always place them in the bottom left hand corner.
i was hoping i can move them to match predetermined coordinates but i cant
Any idea for that? it may be a way round the problem

Hi @Jaimin.PJJTZG could it help move the viewport as here ?


I gave it go and unfortunately i cant get it to work, ill keep working on it, i have changed it slightly in hopes of being able to move multiple at ones

Hi try with transaction from your element instead or try set location from Genius loci …not sure ootb set location will work for viewport…but i think genius locis can do it

Unfortuantly nothing moves with either node

hmmm…have you tried with some lacing ??

Yes im pulling all the data i need, i just cant get it too move

ok…and you are sure setlocation is from genius loci ? could you share your graph

difficult to see your image…but try set lacing to longest…

That does help the problem is getting multiple viewport to move at once

Does anyone know why i get the value from the steamnodes Tool.PlaceViewsOnExistingSheets?
I have no views on sheets