Set Parameter in project failed

I want to set value in “repere” parameter in my project but my script don’t work… Eveything in entry of the node “SetParameterByname” look good and the output look good too, but it the value arn’t good in my project…
The node set parameter to only one of the family and not all, i didn’t know why, when i check the value at the output all looks good… It didn’t work when there are several same family, it write the good value only on the first one.
Anyone have a solution?

My guess it is a lacing issue.

Set Element.SetParameterByName on Auto and see what happens.

What is Auto ? Element.SetParameterByName is in Shortest mode, i try the other mode don’t work…

Top one should say Auto.

When you post your .dyn or show your whole Graph it is easier for people to help you.

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Sorry for that, here it is ! :slight_smile:

Can you post it after you ran it so we don’t have nulls.

Sorry, here it is

Look at your lists. Something goes wrong there i guess. I see a lot of the same Ids.

I have this feeling your Graph is overcomplicated too and can be simpler. Can be wrong tho.

Yes there’s a lot of same ids because there many family with the same type, i would to write the same number in each for seeing the “repere” in my nomenclature.

What are you trying to do in the first place.

As i said your Graph is kinda a mess.

Yes i know it’s big but i don’t now to simplify it.
I make my graph to complete automatically the “Rep” column of my nomenclature which are made with “comments” filter.
I sort them by comments, then i generate the number list to put in the"Repere" parameter. The number are apparent even if all the family (with the same comments) from the same type have the same parameter value.
Do you understand?

You use that number for ordering (sorting) your Schedule?

I sort my family by comments and then sort them in list by alphabetical order (it’s the default order of Nomenclature), and generate my list of number to write in the “repere” parameter.
The final things is to have all the red number in the column “rep”

Would you mind sharing your Revit and .dyn file?

I kept @romain1993 first three Groups and deleted the rest.

I replace the deleted nodes with this :point_down:.

Wire the last node of the last Group in the first node of this new Group

Note: OP is still on Dynamo 1.3.xx.