Element.SetParameterByName not setting right value


I’m using Dynamo to set supports for cable trays. I have made a line-based family in Revit with 2 parameters that control the height of the support, and the fixing height to the ceiling. I have used several nodes to place the family and get the values I need to set these parameters in the family.

The problem is that for some reason the “Element.SetParameterByName” node sets the value for the support height “OK fra gulv” to the same value for every family instance. Can someone help me understand why this is and how I can get the script to place the family at different heights?

Hi @MonsEmann,

I assume your list structures are matching.

Try this:
Remove the List.Flatten
Set the element and value inuts to L2 and set lacing to longest, on the Element.SetParameterByName node.

Same settings for both Element.SetParameterByName ofcause :slight_smile:

Thank you! that worked perfectly. I played around with the levels for a bit before, but removing the list.flatten did the trick :slight_smile:

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No probs :slight_smile:

Looks great :ok_hand: