"Element.SetParameterByName" Facing some issue

Hi guys. I am new in Dynamo. Now I am facing a issue with “Element.SetParameterByName” nodes, Please help me to resolve it.
I have a Revit Generic Annotation family (Name: Save View) loaded into project, which have couple of text parameter. Now I am trying to put those values through Dynamo.
Option:1) It’s not working if I select the element by the Family name.
Option:2) But it working fine if I select direct the model element.
See in the Final Output all Family parameters updated by the second option but as you can see for both option the element ids are same so both option is selecting the same element.
Please help me regarding the issue, why the first option is not working? am I missing something?

Set the Lacing on the SetParameter Node in the first Option to Longest. (Right Click on the Node for the Lacing options).

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It’s because of your list structure for the element input. When you select the element directly you get a single item. When you get it from the Family Name it returns a list with only one element. The list is what’s controlling the auto-lacing. If you get just the one instance from your list it will work correctly.

Many many thanks…its working.

Thank you.