Set Dimension offset from wall

How can I set the same offset from all walls

Hi @_Vijay,

What did you try ? I think you know the forum Guidelines.

You can do it like this :

You need to find a logic with the Curve.Offset node to find external or internal curves.

thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner

it’s working fine only in horizontal not in vertical. Any thoughts?

meantime I will try yours

It’s working fine for me :

Foe me:-(

can you show your graph

It works fine for me, but as you mentioned I need to find logic with the Curve.Offset node to find external or internal curves.

Use the PolyCurve.Offset node instead.

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for that selected walls should be connected.

I will try and update


I am finding that the new “ꟿ ClosedCurve.Offset+” has very simple internal/external selection within the node, however, it won’t take multiple curves. The curve.offsetMany on the other hand can take multiple curves but will not differentiate between internal and external offsets.

Have you found a workaround yet for the original curve.offset? Do you have a proposal for how to:

a. get Curve.OffsettMany to consistently offset in the same direction?
b. get ClosedCurve.Offset+ to accept multiple curves?


in what package version exists the node Element Set Location? I do not find it up to versions of package 2020.7

Why are you talking about version 2020.7.10? That was 3.5 years ago !
The latest version of the Genius Loci package is 2024.2.10.
The Element SetLocation node is still part of it.


must use Revit versions of years ago still

Quick note that there is no guarantee for packages to work in all cases, and that package authors provide their content to the community freely without charge or in an as-is state. They are not paid nor compensated, and as such when integrating their content it’s on the integrator to manage the ‘how’ aspect - either by maintaining an older working version or upgrading their ecosystem in time with the community.

As Alban indicated that the new package should work in the older build, and we already have a solution for the question in this topic, I am going to close the thread. If the updated package does not work in 2021 feel free to start a new topic.