PolyCurve.Offset to Wall.ByCurveAndHeight, bug or not?

Hi there,

I wanted to offset some curves and place walls on top of the offsetted curve.

the output of PolyCurve.Offset is: ‘Curve’

If I connect this to the ‘curve’ input of the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight-node it doesn’t work.

The solution is even stranger…

I converted the output-curve into a polycurve (PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves) and back into a Curve[] (PolyCurve.Curves)

I insert that into the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight and it works.


Is there some logic behind the different types of curves:

I have ‘Curve’ (Capital C) ‘curve’ (normal C) and ‘Curve[]’ (Capital C and brackets)

Just curious.


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Even one year later, I think it’s worth to mention that I have done this thanks to the tip you once shared: