Offset curve not consistent


I have a simple rectangle that I am referencing from Revit and I want to offset. However, even if i turn it into a polycurve and offset, it still offsets each curve individually and I have no control over which direction. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


I didn’t have a problem in offsetting the selected curves.

The offset direction issue has been discussed a few times on this forum.

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Hi vikram

You are converting the curves to a polycurve. What if you only want to offset a straight line? Regardless if its a positive or negative offset, the length of the line will be the same. So how can you tell which is positive and which is negative?

I have a simple node in spring nodes that offsets a curve by distance towards a point:

Alternatively, you could construct some vectors and use Geometry.Translate instead:

OK so this is interesting (and frustrating). Vikram I couldn’t replicate your results. Regardless of the ‘extendCircular’ input, it would always add a fillet. Looking into this more, 7000 offset is the threshold. Offsetting less than this amount, it is possible to offset a rectangle with square corners. Greater than this amount, it will ALWAYS create the fillets. So it seems this is a units thing. I’ve submitted the issue to Github:

I’m going to try scaling down the geometry, run the offset, and then scale back up.