Set Date/Time Stamp as only Date Stamp

Hey guys,

Looking at the image below I am getting a no parameter found error. I am fairly new to Dynamo so im not sure what im doing wrong here. Basically i am trying to change my Date/Time Stamp so that it doesnt show the time. I have been looking it up for a couple hours and trying to troubleshoot this but i just cant seem to figure it out. Hoping someone can jump in and give me a quick run down.

Time stamp for what? Can you show as an image of the parameter you’re talking about?

I would like “1/30/2020 11:15:08” to show up as January 30, 2020

That’s a title block parameter and also happens to format based on your Windows Systems Settings.

Have already gone through this. Revit uses “Long time” therefore there is no way to change the long time to get rid of the hh:mm:ss part of it. That is the part I am trying to get rid of.

also since I am calling the parameter off of the element it should be a parameter inside of the element at least.

That was my original point. It’s a title block parameter so you need to get it from the title block, not a text element. It sounds like you won’t be able to modify the format though because there’s no way to modify it in Revit.

So i orginally did that. It says that it is working but no changes are happening for the date/time stamp.


It’s a read only parameter. You can’t modify it.

hmm alright. Thanks for the help

@Nick_Boyts So I just decided to use the Sheet issue date and use a dynamo script to update the date off of that. Not try to change the read only date. got it to work now.

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Is there a way to get this to auto run when i open the sheet?

I was going to suggest writing to another parameter like this but held back for this exact reason. You would have to run Dynamo every time before you print.

ah, thats kinda lame. I was hoping it would be smarter then that.

would you recommend using this?