Time stamp without hours/minutes

Hi there, I thought this dynamo script might be handy for some(or not) as I could not manage to do it any other way (and also I like playing with Dynamo). On sheets default day/time parameter also consists hour and minute information which is not necessary for some. I had gone through forums but could not find any other solution. (Although some says they were able to change through windows I was not able to do that. if there is a basic way please let me know) Please see the script below. I have changed the date/time parameter on the title block to an editable text base parameter using the default ‘Drawn By’ parameter. You can create a new parameter which is probably a better way. Anyway this script basically reads the computer time , filters out the unnecessary parts(hours/minutes)and transfers the rest to a string which feeds the text parameter on sheet.

Final product looks like this:

Script looks like this:

@secilcanbay There is a node for this

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Haha, seems much easier

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