Why doesn't this script do anything? What did I miss?

date removal all shts Bulk.dyn (8.6 KB)

I must have rushed this one and it’s a Friday…I want to remove a date parameter in the titleblock on a folder of files.This top half of the script works, but not the bottom? What did I mess up?


You need a way of collecting the sheets from the Background Opened document. Currently, you are getting sheets in the current Revit document, (default nodes).

You might be able to use this one from ArchiLAB

I am not firing on all cylinders today John…been a rough week.

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No problem at all man. I’ve been there myself!

yeah…that’s not “verking”
I should have specified that the parameter is a sheet instance param for the dates…

I feel like I should be using this node as I am not trying to alter anything in a linked file.

But this is not doing anything either…I only have 542 files to run this against…lol