Select elements from link doesn't work

created a script trying to pick the linked MEP models to make penetration, just found out the “select element from link” totally failed. no matter what link, they all turn “null” in watch.

ps, all links from BIM360 as we work on big data models.
anythoughts? something not work with work sets or?
I almost gave up.

Hi! Not sure what are you trying to achieve - do you want to select link itself, or elements inside of the link?

You’d better to provide screenshot of not working nodes here.

@cathy.choiQCNVL welcome to the community!

Try ꟿ SelectLinkedElement from Spring Package.

Hey Andriy,

Was trying to pick/select the steel beam, get intersection/bounding box with wall,
the beam and wall both in link as well.

thank you!

Hey Vijay,

Appreciated your reply, I will go try late with Spring nods,

Thank you!

Yes, as _Vihav mentioned, springs node is useful if you want to pick some linked elements.

But I’ll also recommend using Bimorph nodes package. It has nodes to select linked elements by category, get solids or bounding boxes from linked elements (which are transformed according to link’s location). And also It has nodes for intersection check for linked element/solids.